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Multimedia Development of PBS : A Challenge for the Nordic Media Systems. The freedom of the press or the fear factor? Nordicom Review, vol. 31: 2, ss. 95-111.

Nordicom review impact factor

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Georgiou, M. Keywords: operation, cyber, domain, review, inventory security, research, Nordicom Review. 1. 20 Bibliometrics: tracking research impact by selecting the computations of a security index for false data attacks in power networks. IEEE.

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6 th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY AND CURRICULUM STUDIES(ICETC2019) Venue: FCT Education Resource Center, Abuja-Nigeria. September 22-24, 2019 Our group of Journals . (Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Medicinal Chemistry) - Impact Factor Value - 3.1.; (Asian Journal of Phytomedicine and Clinical Research) - Impact Factor Value - 2.6.; (Asian Journal of Research in Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences) - Impact Factor Value - 2.46.; (Asian Journal of 2021-02-08 Why not speed up your research by IMPACT FACTOR!

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Search Engine for checking Journal Impact Factor. You can check Impact Factor of Journals, ISSN, number of citations, publisher, ranking and other important details of more than 15000 journals and conferences from over 4,000 international publishers in different areas. ISSN: 0349-6244,2001-5119,2001-5119,1403-1108 Está en índices de citas (Emerging Sources Citation Index, Scopus) = +3.5Está en dos o más bases datos de indización y resumen o en DOAJ (Academic Search Premier, IBZ Online, International Bibliography of Social Sciences, ComAbstracts, Communication & Mass Media Index, PAIS International, DOAJ) = 3+2 = 5 De amerikanska globala onlinejättarna Google, Facebook och Youtube utmanar de nordiska nyhetsmediernas ställning på den nationella annonsmarknaden, det visar en studie från Nordicom. 26 April 2017, 10:30 NORDICOM är ett nordiskt kunskapscenter för medie- och kommunikationsområdet. Med utgångspunkt i den akademiska forskningen insamlar, bearbetar och förmedlar Nordicom kunskap till olika brukargrupper i Norden, Europa och övriga världen. utgivningen av vetenskapliga böcker, den internationella vetenskapliga tidskriften Nordicom Review och den populärvetenskapliga tidskriften Nordicom-Information (1979-2018).

Nordicom review impact factor

Utgivningen indike- The Impact of Normative Theory on Empirical Research', i Communi- cation Theory 16, 2006. 9.
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av PE Nilsson · 2021 — Nordicom Review's Cover Image. Nordicom Review was a great way to have an impact on politics: “You're intelligent, you're funny, you're convincing. For they know not what they do: Enjoyment as a political factor .

Prompt publishing. Multidisciplinary audience. High visibility for global exposure.

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Ots, Mart  av E Raviola · 2010 · Citerat av 25 — This could be a story of the impact that new technologies have had on the quality of journalistic The technological factor, especially the computer, can be seen as fundamental for the Nordicom Review, 29(2):105-134. Hirsch, P.M. (1975)  av U Korpilahti · 2021 — prevention, minimising harmful impact and providing treatment, with the main focus on prevention. The plan seeks Resilience following child maltreatment: a review of protective factors.

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Ekström  av J Holmstedt · 2020 — The digitalization impact on the weekly-magazine industry. – A case methods show that digitalisation has had a significant impact on Aller media with both positive and Göteborg: Nordicom. Fidler, R. F. MIT Sloan Management Review (57181) Hämtad 2020-03-16 från Factor-Based Study of the Newspaper Industry. One contributing factor to this is that highly efficient forms of collaboration Upon reviewing the division of responsibilities entailed in the proposals environmental impact could result from the operation of enterprises Nordicom-Sverige. REFERENSER.